Digital Product, Content Development

We created a first-of-its-kind second screen sports experience. The perfect debut for the product presented itself when our team, the Seattle Seahawks, made it to the Super Bowl and we wanted to unite the passionate Seattle fan-base by enhancing the viewing experience.


The experience is a web app accessible on any device. During the game, Tinytron reacted to the game in real-time with custom visuals and animations. It also provided relevant social content like tweets and memes, and bright commentary from Tinytron itself.

Launch Experience

How It Works

During the event, we had a small team control the content and broadcast through a custom-built moderation tool. The team used content aggregation tools to find petinent content on social media related to the parallel Super Bowl television broadcast.

How It Works

Super Bowl Champions

As fans, we just wanted our team to win! We used this as an opportunity to make the experience even better. We believe Tinytron has the opportunity to become a second screen platform for any type of live events.

Super Bowl Champs