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About Me

That’s me — Alaa Mendili. I was born in Casablanca and grew up in Montreal. Though, I’d like to think it all started on the Internet. I’ve been tinkering, designing, coding, and making things on the internet since I was 13. I truly love what I do.

As a creative, I aim to create experiences worth having. Through collaboration, perspective and experimentation I seek to generate innovative ideas that explores the intersection of art, culture and technology while pushing its boundaries.

For the past six years, I’ve lived in Seattle, Washington. I initially moved here to help start, build and lead the creative technology practice at Digital Kitchen. Recently, I joined the Concept Lab team at Amazon. My interest in technology and design was born from my curiosity and excitement to create experiences and products that engage people in meaningful ways.

When I’m not working, I’m usually on the internet, pretending to be a DJ, referencing specific scenes of Curb Your Enthusiasm or doing something Canadian like watching hockey.

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Cannes Cyber Lion 4 — One Show 8 — FWA 19 — Webby Awards 5 — SxSW Interactive 1 — Vimeo Staff Pick 2 — Communication Arts Annual 2 — AICP Next 2 — Shorty Awards 3 — FITC Awards 3 — Adobe Cutting Edge Award 1