Amateur Hour

Four years ago, my friend Andrew Nedimyer and I started a DJ duo. There was only one issue, neither of us knew anything about DJing. During our first gig, we blew the speakers out, earning us the name Amateur Hour. Today, with more experience, better equipment and improved skills, we've given ourselves one mission: to DJ the birthday party of our common hero, Larry David.


What we lacked in DJ skills, we made up for with an ability to brand ourselves and create an image that our audience really connects with.

Launch Website


Using Instagram’s grid format we created a mosaic that highlights photos from previous gigs and hosts all our videos.



To hype our events, we started making funny videos to announce upcoming gigs and seeded them on social media. At this point, we’ve directed, produced, edited and starred in about 25 videos.

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What we initially started as a joke has now turned into something we never would have imagined. We’ve been featured in multiple publications and headlined events like the annual Henry Art Gala. It's to the point where people now just assume this is our full-time gig. The mission remains to DJ Larry David’s birthday. If you know him, please let him know. :)