Dodge Journey, Search Engine

Experience Design, Content Development

The Dodge Journey is the perfect vehicle for people looking for adventure, so we invited the world to explore. We crafted an integrated experience utilizing live stream video, online clues and real life challenges.


Using YouTube as the primary platform for communication between fans and the brand, users were able to watch live footage of the Dodge Journey. Our production assistant, Mike, left clues about the cars location for watchful viewers.
Search Engine For The Real World

How It Works

Simple. If you can find the Dodge Journey, it’s yours! A TV spot invited our audience to the Youtube Channel where video clues were released getting you closer and closer to the car. A discussion module on the channel allowed the community to work together to decipher the clues.

Mobile Version

We invited the community to leave home and go search for the car. Becausue of this, the mobile component was crucial. We worked closely with our live stream partner, AEG, to deliver the first ever live streaming mobile experience on YouTube.

Mobile Version