Bling VR

Experience Design, Virtual Reality

We love Drake. So obviously when we saw the video for Hotline Bling, we knew that can only mean one thing. With a little Internet magic we like to f*ck with and Google Cardboard, we decided to recreate the Hotline Bling set in VR and asked a few of our friends to try it out.


If you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be Drake dancing away in that colorful cube, you got exactly what you asked for. Lace up your Timberlands, strap on your Google Cardboard, turn on BLING VR and turn up with those moves. Make that Hotline Bling.

Launch Experience

Virtual Reality

I’ve been fascinated by virtual reality. I think it’s amazing that you can be sitting at your desk and be transported somewhere else. At the same time, I also think it’s horrible that you can be sitting at your desk and be disconnected from reality. This experience was a great social experiment to see how people physically react to what they see.

Virtual Reality


What a time to be alive! I'm excited to see how virtual reality evolves and hopefully I get to work directly with Drake someday. *fingers crossed*